Breaking News! Latino Tax Pro to Begin Offering Bookkeeping Classes


March 11, 2019

(SALINAS, CA) Latino Tax Pro (LTP) is proud to partner with Tus Tres Maestras (T3M) to begin offering bookkeeping classes in both English y en Español.

“It’s a dream come true.” says Carlos Lopez, EA, CEO of Latino Tax Pro. “Our members have been asking for bookkeeping training for years, and we’ve finally found the right partner with Tus Tres Maestras.”

Founded in 2018 by Mariette Martinez, EA, Carmen Manrique, and Vanessa Ocampo, Tus Tres Maestras is leading the charge in bilingual bookkeeping training. “The idea was born right at Latino Tax Fest 2017 in Las Vegas,” says Carmen Manrique. “Earlier that year, we presented at Scaling New Heights (SNH) for the very first time in Spanish. Officially, we launched T3M a year later at SNH 2018 on the main stage during our keynote: The Latino Trillion Dollar Market.”

To kick off the partnership, T3M will be teaching the “Roadmap to Bookkeeping” on Monday April 29th live at Latino Tax Pro’s national headquarters in Salinas, CA. This session will be part of the spring partnerships and corporations class, a 3-day training to get tax preparers ready to serve business clients. Click here to sign up or get more info:

Next, T3M will launch a deep-dive series where they will teach the cornerstones and actionable steps to accelerate financial awareness and literacy around small business financial accounting. “We’re so excited!”, explained Mariette Martinez, EA. “It’s a great opportunity for tax preparers to add value to their current offering.”

The 6-part series will begin May 6th and will cover the following topics:

Part 1: Create a High-Performance Business.
Part 2: Reaching Small Business Financial Success.
Part 3: Embracing Technology for your Successful Business.
Part 4: Accounting Solutions with Quickbooks.
Part 5: The Small Business Accounting Workflow with the Books to Tax Lifecycle.
Part 6: What are your Financial Statements telling you?

To sign up or get more info, click here:

T3M will be giving a preview of their bookkeeping training via Facebook Live this Thursday, March 14, at 9 am PT en Español and 11 am PT in English.

Click here to sign up for the Español preview:

Click here to sign up for the English preview:

T3M will also be teaching at the 2019 Latino Tax Fest this summer at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. “We’re so excited to begin partnering with Latino Tax Pro. Their members are engaged and hungry for knowledge,” Vanessa Ocampo told us.

To learn more about this partnership and the bookkeeping classes offered, click here:  

About Latino Tax Pro

Latino Tax Pro (LTP) is the only provider of tax and bookkeeping training in English y en Español. LTP is here to support all those who serve the immigrant taxpayer. Our members work in all areas of tax practice, including individual practitioners, accounting and bookkeeping services, enrolled agents, certified public accountants, and immigration attorneys. LTP presents regional seminars, workshops, webinars, and an annual national convention on topics that are of great interest to our members. These topics include nonresident aliens, mixed-status families, exempt nonimmigrant visa holders, and much more!

About Tus Tres Maestras

Tus Tres Maestras provides an interactive learning platform for Passionate Entrepreneurs to Take Charge of their Small Business Finances. Their training is designed with the intention of accelerating the financial awareness and growth of entrepreneurs by sharing the importance of financial management for small businesses and leveraging technology to improve their processes.