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1041 Estate & Trust

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DATE: November 9th, 2022
CREDITS EARNED: 2 hours Tax Law + Bonus! 1 Hour live workshop (space is limited)

TIME: 9 am - 12 pm PST
If you're not on Pacific Standard Time, please join during your time zone below.
10 am - 1 pm MST | 11 am - 2 pm CST | 12 pm - 3 pm EST


Nothing in life is certain except Death and Taxes. If your clients haven't asked you about preparing a final tax return for a loved one, they probably will soon. 

Learn how to teach your clients to protect what they worked so hard for their whole lives.

 What do you do when a client has passed away? Here are the questions you need to be prepared to answer.

  • Do decedents need to file a final tax return?
  • What happens to their property? Real Estate, automobiles, money?
  • What happens to decedent's debt?
  • Life Insurance – is it taxable?
  • What is an inheritance?
  • Will or Living Trust or both?
  • What's the purpose of a Living Trust – is it to transfer ownership?
  • What is a stepped-up basis – who qualifies?
  • Can rentals get a stepped-up basis?
  • What is the donor's basis?
  • What about beneficiaries selling inherited property? What is the basis?

Learn how to be the Trusted Advisor to your clients, help them do it right, and save money! 

Learning Objectives

1) Understand who a Personal Representative is as it relates to tax matters for a decedent, and how they could be liable for taxes for the decedent or estate

2) Learn how to determine which return(s) will need filed for a decedent

3) Discover what to do about unfiled returns or taxes owing for a decedent or insolvent estates

4) Understand how Annual Gift Tax Exclusion amounts and taxable gifts relate to an estate and the Gross Estate Value

5) Learn what the Lifetime Estate Tax Exclusion amounts are and how they relate to Estate Tax Return filing requirements

6) Understand how State Estate rules or inheritance tax rules can impact your taxpayer(s)