Latino Tax Pro has partnered with Tus Tres Maestras to bring you the training you need to serve small business clients. As tax professionals, you've built a trusted relationship with your Schedule C and 1099 Clients. Many of them ask you about incorporationg, starting an LLC, or bringing on new partners. Some of them have asked you about bookkeeping and payroll. Do you feel comfortable offering these services? We want to make sure you do!

Mariette, Vanessa, and Carmen have created this deep-dive series that will teach you the cornerstones and actionable steps to accelerate your financial awareness and literacy around small business accounting and provide clarity around your client’s small business financial statements. By the end of this series, you will have learned the roadmap to grow your tax practice with strong small business financial bookkeeping and accounting services that will transform your tax practice from a forms-driven business to a financial success driven business!

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English - M,W,F 11AM-1PM PST
Part 1: 5/6 Create a High Performance Business - 2 Hours
Part 2: 5/8 Reaching Small Business Financial Success- 2 Hours
Part 3: 5/10 Embracing Technology for your Successful Business - 2 Hours
Part 4: 5/13 Accounting Solutions with Quickbooks- 2 Hours
Part 5: 5/15 The Small Business Accounting Workflow including the Books to Tax Lifecycle -2 Hours
Part 6: 5/17 How Healthy is your business-3 Hours

Español- T, TH 11AM-1PM PST Part 6 11AM-2PM PST
Parte 1: 5/7 Crear un negocio de alto rendimiento- 2 Horas
Parte 2: 5/9 El éxito financiero de la pequeña empresa- 2 Horas
Parte 3: 5/14 Adoptando la tecnología para su negocio exitoso- 2 Horas
Parte 4: 5/16 Soluciones de contabilidad con QuickBooks- 2 Horas
Parte 5: 5/20 Ciclo de los Libros Contables a los Impuestos - 2 Horas
Parte 6: 5/21 ¿Qué te dicen los Reportes Financieros?- 3 Horas

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Roadmap to Grow Your Tax Practice with Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Roadmap to Grow Your Tax Practice with Small Business Bookkeeping Services

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Guia para Crecer tu Negocio de Impuestos con Servicios de Contabilidad a Pequeñas Empresas

Guia para Crecer tu Negocio de Impuestos con Servicios de Contabilidad a Pequeñas Empresas

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Mariette designs and delivers educational content that accelerates the financial growth and awareness for microbusinesses, selfemployed/solopreneurs and the small business partners that serve them. She provides consulting sessions and live workshops to her community designed to deep dive into specific small business financial topics and technologies. Her current passion project,, is a cofounded Bilingual E-Learning Platform that will bridge the financial literacy gap for English and Spanish-Speaking small business owners.

Vanessa Ocampo, founder of QuickBooks En, with a career of 22 years in business and business development, has trained the hispanic community for over 15 years to understand and utilize QuickBooks correctly and apply it to work less and get better results. Helping the Hispanic Entrepreneurs and accountants succeed by streamlining their small business financial management process through education and application of technology, is her main focus. As a Latina-Owned business, Vanessa recognizes the importance to provide learning opportunities and financial solutions for the rapid-growing Spanish-Speaking small business community.

Carmen Manriques founded her business in 1998 to provide clients accounting and bookkeeping services. As a trusted advisor to business owners, she helps them to achieve profitability and reach their business goals. She enjoys building strong, long term relationships with her clients. Business owners trust her implicitly to deliver expert business advice. Carmen is the “financial thinking partner” Through deep dedication to broadening her knowledge, her business expanded. Since 2007, Carmen has been teaching Hispanics business owners accounting and bookkeeping, with latest technology to help them simplify their systems. This last journey turned into an online business education of personalized classes through seminars on line.