Roadmap to Grow Your Tax Practice with Small Business Bookkeeping Services - onDemand

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As tax professionals currently serving the small business market, you are in a very unique position to build on this trusted relationship, to grow both your practice and your client’s business towards financial success.

By the end of this series, you will have learned the roadmap to grow your tax practice with strong small business financial bookkeeping and accounting services which will, in turn, will pave a strong financial future for you and your clients. Transform your firm from a forms-driven business to a financial success-driven business for your practice & your small business clients future!

English - M,W,F 11AM-1PM PST
Part 1: 5/6 Create a High Performance Business - 2 Hours
Part 2: 5/8 Reaching Small Business Financial Success- 2 Hours 
Part 3: 5/10 Embracing Technology for your Successful Business - 2 Hours
Part 4: 5/13 Accounting Solutions with Quickbooks- 2 Hours
Part 5: 5/15 The Small Business Accounting Workflow including the Books to Tax Lifecycle -2 Hours
Part 6: 5/17 How Healthy is your business-3 Hours

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