Growing beyond tax services: How to become a trusted business advisor to construction companies

By Daniel De Roulet 


As a tax consultant to the Latino community, we know that you have a lot of experience working with small businesses to formalize their processes. Whether its implementing an accounting software or improving record keeping to support important tax deductions, you’ve been able to convince your clients that a little bit of effort on the administrative side can reap big rewards downstream. What you may not realize is that you are in a really good position to help these businesses make other investments in their business process that will yield similar – or perhaps even greater – rewards. An opportunity exists for you to step up from being their tax preparer to being a broader business advisor, and as you work with your clients to improve all aspects of their business, you’ll no doubt find that your business grows as you’re helping theirs grow, too. It’s a true win-win!


We at Knowify work closely with a lot of bookkeepers, accountants, and business advisors to help them transform their clients’ outdated, inefficient business process. Think of the hours your clients waste trying to keep track of their employees’ time, or their outstanding bids and change orders (among many other things!). Knowify helps contractors – mainly speciality contractors and residential remodelers – address these and many other administrative headaches with simple, powerful, easy-to-use tools accessible from a phone, tablet, or computer from the office or the field. We even have a Spanish language version of the mobile app, ensuring that guys on the move can quickly log their time, upload photos, add job notes, and more, in an interface that’s easy for them to navigate.


Lastly, we believe that there’s one other area where your efforts to formalize and streamline processes can really help your clients’ businesses: professionalism. Imagine what it would mean to your clients if you could make their corporate image match their expertise in their trade. It would be transformational! But how do you get a scrappy, hard-working contractor, someone who has had to build their business from the ground-up, to put forward the same impressive image as a more established competitor? Simple: Knowify. We help contractors shine in their customer-facing interactions. Imagine putting together a gorgeous e-signable proposal in no more time that it’s taking them now to put together the Word or Excel based proposals they’re sending now. Or sending a professionally formatted, e-signable change order. That added touch of professionalism will translate into additional pricing power and more referred work – trust us! The reality is that many homeowners and small business owners looking to hire a contractor are going to make a lot of assumptions about the quality of the work the contractor will do based on subtle cues like the quality of their proposal.


For less than $100/month, Knowify can help a contractor really stand out, win more work, and grow their businesses.




About the Author:

Dan de Roulet is co-founder of Knowify. de Roulet, who has a long history as an entrepreneur and business developer, strongly believes in the potential of the Knowify software to significantly streamline construction company operations.