Bookkeeping for Tax Preparers

This course is an overview of basic bookkeeping and accounting principles, for further training we recommend taking a basic accounting course at your local college.

Why Offer Bookkeeping?

Not only is bookkeeping a great way for you to stay open year-round it’s also a great way to generate steady monthly income.

Rise of DIY Software's

Less simple returns.

Serve Business Clients

Help your schedule C clients grow their business.

After Tax Season Revenue

We’re all looking for ways to generate revenue after tax season.


Individual Modules

About the Authors

Vicente Soria

Vicente Soria, CRTP has an educational background in accountancy. He started working for Lopez Tax Service in 2017. Vicente has filed over 200 tax returns while bookkeeping full time off-season. He was born and raised in Salinas, CA. Vicente studied accounting in community college from 2012-2015, he then transferred to California State University Monterey Bay in 2016 with his associate’s degree and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy in 2018. He is now a CPA candidate and has sat for 2 CPA exams and continues his studies while working full-time as part of the team.

Sergio Zarate

Sergio attended UC Berkeley with a concentration in mathematics. He currently lives in Salinas but works as the manager at Lopez Tax Service in Gilroy. Sergio has worked for Lopez Tax and Latino Tax Pro for 5 years. Sergio’s hobbies include writing, drawing, gaming, solving puzzles, and sports. Sergio’s favorite foods vary daily but he enjoys eating sushi and pasta the most. Sergio contributes experience in problem solving and creating new ideas to solve old problems.


Marissa Rodriguez

Great organization giving top notch education and tools to local and national tax businesses. Their team is committed to helping out their clients also helping the community. They are dedicated to providing the best customer service and education. 

Wagner Charles

Great organization and the owner and his crew are super kind and informative. Thank you for the great work guys, keep it up. Thank you!

Fabian Bolanos

An amazing institution that gives you complete support of your tax business. They also have a team that is always available. Their convention in Las Vegas is top notch. Than you.

Brenda Jackson

I've taken classes through Latino Tax Pro for the last 3-4 years and they were thorough, easy to follow and very helpful towards earning my yearly AFTR training program acceptance. I will be back this year and all the year to follow. Thank you LTP. 

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