CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education
CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education
CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education

CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education

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THIS COURSE MUST BE COMPLETED BY OCTOBER 31ST TO BE REPORTED TO CTEC BEFORE THE DEADLINE. If your CTEC 20 Hour course is completed after our deadline, we can not guarantee your hours will be reported on time to avoid a late fee to renew with CTEC. Our office will close at 5pm PT.

The CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education renewal course fulfills the 20-hour CTEC requirement for CRTPs who have already completed 60 hours of Qualifying Education. California residents must provide an active PTIN, maintain a $5,000 tax preparer insurance bond, and complete 20 hours of CE by October 31st each year to renew their registration with CTEC.

This course is divided into four parts: Ethics, Federal, California, and Updates. Each part contains a final; the final must be passed with a 70% or higher before advancing to the next part.

Part II has a separate Slide Text for each chapter where you can read the chapter content. If you prefer to watch the videos, click NEXT to continue.

Part III and IV only have one Slide Text that includes all the California chapters (part III), and all three domains (part IV) in this course.

  • You can read the Slide Text or watch the videos.
  • The video presentations should have enough information for you to answer the exam, but you must read the Slide Text or the textbook for more detailed information.


    Course Details:



    2021 California 20 Hour Continuing Education




    This course is for CRTPs who have already completed 60 hours of qualifying education








    Per CTEC regulations, this course expires January 15

    Included in this course:

    ·         Student Portal on Prendo365.com

    ·         Part I: Ethics and the Circular 230

    ·         Part II: Federal Tax Law

    ·         Part III: California Tax Law

    ·         Part IV: Updates

    ·         Finals (4)

    ·         Technical Support

    To Complete this Course & Receive Credit, you must…

    1.       Pass each final with a score of 70% or higher

    2.       Complete the survey following the Updates final

    To renew your registration all CRTPs must...

    ·         Complete 20-hours (10 hours federal tax law, 3 hours federal tax update, 2 hours of Ethics and 5 hours for State) of continuing tax education each year

    ·         Maintain a valid PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) from the IRS

    ·         Maintain a $5,000 tax preparer bond

    ·         Renew the registration by October 31 of each year

    ·         Renewal Registration with CTEC $33


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