5 Steps to Get Ready for the Upcoming Tax Season

We are entering the final quarter of the year. Tax season is just around the corner.

Tax preparers are getting in gear by brushing up on the latest laws and updating to the most efficient technology. Here are some steps that will get your business ready. 

1. Staff Training and Continuing Education

Tax preparers should consider training and continuing education options for themselves and their staff. They should look into courses that educate them on the latest tax laws. They may also consider taking classes to improve and increase their skills.

Latino Tax Pros offers various courses that educate tax preparers on new laws and improve skill levels. They include: 

  • Live Webinars: Our live webinars update attendees on the latest tax law changes. They cover things like energy credit updates, annual inflation adjustments, and various tax acts. They will help you ensure your clients get every credit and deduction coming to them.

  • Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP): The AFSP is a voluntary program that helps you stand out from the competition. Upon completion, you receive a certificate to hang in your office to impress your clients. You will also be listed in the IRS tax preparer directory.

  • CTEC Registered Tax Preparers: Renew your registration before the Oct. 31 deadline. If you fail to renew on time, you must register as a new tax preparer. 

2. Renew Your PTIN or CTEC Registration

Federally registered tax preparers need a preparer tax identification number (PTIN). PTINs expire on December 31 each year. Renew online with the IRS to ensure you can file taxes during the coming season.

California preparers also need to renew with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) if it is not their first year. The registration must be renewed by Oct. 31 every year.  To renew, you must complete 20 hours of education, maintain your bond and PTIN registration, and pay a renewal fee. If you fail to complete these steps on time, you must re-register as a new tax preparer. 

3. Update Tax Preparation Software

Your tax preparation software must be updated for the coming tax season. It should have the latest tax forms and calculations.

Preparers should test their software to ensure it is accurate and compatible with their workflow. They should familiarize themselves and their staff with new features.

Latino Tax Pro offers an online marketplace for tax preparers. Visit to learn about resources from trusted industry brands. We provide recommendations on software, payroll, accounting, and other valuable tools.

4. Update and Optimize Your Website

In this technology-savvy world, your website is often the first and primary point of contact between you and your clients. Make sure you are putting your best digital foot forward. Review your website to ensure all the information is accurate. Update it to include new announcements or promotions.

Now is also a great time to give your website a facelift. If you think your site isn’t doing all it can to captivate customers and generate conversions, Latino Tax Pro can help. Our web design services will take your website from meh to wow so you have everything you need to boost business!

5. Implement Data Security Measures

If you work in the tax industry, data security is important, and all PTIN holders must have a security system in place to protect taxpayer information. Think about what you can do to improve your data security measures. Use encryption for electronic communications and sensitive data storage. Educate your staff on the best cybersecurity practices. Ensure client data is handled carefully to prevent data breaches.

Tax preparers who don’t feel confident about their cybersecurity measures may consult the Saber Tech Group. They will help you become compliant to the GRC (governance Risk Compliance) with a set of policies that equal a fully active WISP. They provide one-on-one meetings, ongoing support, and a user-friendly platform.

Tax season is coming up quickly. Latino Tax Pro will help you get prepared. We provide resources for training, continuing education renewals, website optimization, and data security. We offer tools for success that will take your tax prep business to the next level.