Celebrating Carlos Lopez, EA: A Legacy of Leadership in the Tax Industry

The tax industry is all about influential people who make things happen. Carlos Lopez was one of those innovators who was ahead of his time. His contributions had a huge impact on the Latino Tax community and made it what it is today.

Carlos is going to be the Keynote speaker at Latino Tax Fest, an event he started in 2014 with a small team. Trust me, hearing the knowledge he will share is worth the price of admission. So, here's some background info to get you ready for it.


Carlos started his career in the restaurant industry. He was attending college to get his business degree while working in a hospital kitchen that offered culinary classes. The classes, school, and work left him little time to spare.

His life changed when he heard of a restaurant franchise the owner was looking to sell quickly. He took the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. His focus soon shifted from food to business as he immersed himself in learning about procedures, vendor relationships, and hiring.

Carlos found inspiration when he met with his CPA to get his taxes done. He was excited to discuss depreciation and tax flow. He was even more impressed with the $300 the CPA charged for the service. A lightbulb went off in his head!

When a man offered to buy Carlos’s restaurant, it freed him up to pursue his next career in the tax industry.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act Presents an Opportunity

In 1986, shortly after Lopez became an Enrolled Agent, the Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed. It offered amnesty to field workers that provided two years of tax returns. Mr. Lopez saw this as an opportunity to provide tax services to this underserved community.

1999 brought even more opportunities to Mr. Lopez. California relaxed its restriction on training non-credentialed tax preparers opening the door for him to teach people to do taxes. He taught bilingual tax education for ten years.

His experience allowed him to identify skilled preparers who he eventually employed. The recruitment allowed him to expand his business. He opened seven additional locations in seven years.

Lopez’s luck continued when the district manager of the IRS’s San Jose office approached him with yet another opportunity. He asked Lopez if he would consider launching a Spanish -speaking organization that would work with the IRS. Lopez understood that his organization would change and influence tax policies and readily agreed to take on the task.

And Latino Tax Professionals (LTP) was born.

About LTP

Latino Tax Pro is a bilingual and bicultural team with over 40 years of experience in the tax industry serving the multi-cultural taxpayers of America. All their education is based out of real-life experiences that you will encounter as a Tax Professional. Our courses are IRS, NASBA, and CTEC approved.

LTP guides you through your entire career as a tax preparer, from beginner courses to intermediate and advanced courses. Once a preparer is ready to expand and start increasing their income through other sources, LTP will help them start their own tax school.

The Future

LTP hosts Latino Tax Fest, an annual conference held in Las Vegas. It started in 2014 with just 400 attendees and 20 vendors. It has since grown to 2800 attendees and over 70 exhibitors in 2019.

This year’s event will be at the MGM Grand from July 10-13, 2023. Carlos will be speaking at the Fest where you are able to pick up his new book!

Introducing "How California Businesses Can Stand Up to the IRS" by Carlos Lopez, EA - the ultimate game plan to conquer IRS challenges. The book will offer a concise and practical approach for California businesses to navigate tax challenges. This guide provides step-by-step strategies to tackle IRS issues, from unfiled returns to unfair assessments. Empowering businesses with knowledge and tools, this book ensures the protection of their rights. Take control of your tax situation and order your copy today to safeguard your business's financial future.


Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Mr. Lopez and network with many other impressive leaders in the tax industry.

See you at the Fest! Click here to register!