CoraCloud - Accounting Practice Management with Document Sharing, Task Management, eSignatures, and Billing

Cost-effective, all-in-one practice management solution for accounting firms

CoralTree was founded in 2009 to fill a gap in the underserved small and medium business (SMB) industry. The company announced their newest product: CoraCloud. CoraCloud is a secure practice management portal designed for accounting and tax professionals to securely collaborate with team members, clients and consultants.

CoralTree first found success in the accounting industry with its flagship product, Qbox, now used by thousands of accounting firms to securely share QuickBooks Desktop company files. Since then, CoralTree has diversified its product offering to continue empowering other SMB industry segments. CoralTree’s agility comes from its core suite of collaboration technologies. This suite allows for a highly scalable architecture that is built on world-class platforms such as Amazon Web Services. CoraCloud was built using the same trusted architecture with the goal of helping firms manage their practices using one comprehensive and intuitive product.

“We received feedback from our customers that they were patching together multiple complex tools for practice management, paying a monthly subscription for each one, and dealing with the hassle of switching between products to complete even simple tasks,” says T. S. Srinivasan, Founder and CEO of CoralTree. “We took this feedback and designed CoraCloud to be an all-in-one, intuitive and user-friendly practice management product, which will help increase productivity instantly.”

CoraCloud’s features include document sharing, task management, organizers, time tracking, billing, electronic signatures, knowledge-based authentication, customizable notifications, and more. These features will form-fit to your workflows and help you manage operations efficiently while ensuring privacy, security, and data integrity. Accountants can manage their firms with high accuracy and ensure smooth client interactions.

CoraCloud is a cloud-based solution and users have instant access to documents anytime and anywhere. Customers can adopt and start using CoraCloud within a few minutes. It features an elegant user interface, spreadsheet-like task tables and filters, and simple organizational structure for team members and clients. The product is ready-to-use without complex training manuals and is designed to be self-service.

About CoraCloud

CoraCloud is an all-in-one, secure practice management portal with a unique, intuitive user experience at a cost-effective price-point. Features include document sharing, task management, organizers, unlimited eSignatures, time tracking, billing and customizable notifications. All features are included at one low price and accounting firms only pay for their employees regardless of number of clients, allowing for high scalability. CoraCloud security includes 256-bit encryption for data and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for account access.

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About CoralTree

CoralTree makes innovative and user-friendly practice management and collaboration products that are designed to help teams work together more efficiently. We focus on bringing enterprise-grade technologies to the small business world. Whether you are a small startup with big dreams or an established business, our goal is to help you thrive. Our customers include accountants, lawyers, architects, bookkeepers, and a wide variety of small business owners. Our product suite includes customized tools for every market segment we serve.


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