Grow your tax business with remote tax prep options for your clients

What if your taxpayer clients don’t want to visit your office to prepare their tax returns?

With the rise of do-it-yourself taxpayers, Professional Tax Preparation Offices are looking for new ways to give their taxpayer clients the freedom and flexibility to complete their part in the tax return prep process via their smartphone, computer or tablet, without visiting the office.

 Remote access with speed and efficiency

Wolters Kluwer is excited to announce the launch of TaxWise® Mobile, a new mobile interface designed to streamline professional tax preparation while providing the convenience of anytime, anywhere access for both preparers and taxpayers. TaxWise® Mobile gives individual taxpayers working with tax preparers the capability to fill out critical information, upload documents, and review their prepared tax return. The taxpayer may then use TaxWise® Mobile to securely e-sign and send back the final return to their preparer for electronic filing. Once filed, taxpayers can also use TaxWise® Mobile to track return status and refund updates.

 End-to-end mobile experience for high volume, seasonal preparers

“Wolters Kluwer is expanding our expert compliance capabilities with technologies that enable an end-to-end mobile experience for high volume, seasonal tax preparers. TaxWise® Mobile helps tax preparers reach more clients, where they are, which is critical in today’s mobile society,” said Shannon Bond, Vice President, Preparer Segment, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America.

For more information on TaxWise® Mobile , TaxWise® Online™ and the full TaxWise® suite of preparer solutions from Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting, visit the TaxWise® website.

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