ITIN Acceptance Agent Program Updates

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The IRS and CERCA held a video and phone conference today with industry leaders to discuss the CAA application moratorium. They explained what can be expected. 

If you filed your CAA application before the moratorium started on August 15, 2022, the IRS is processing your application. If your application has not expired, your status is not affected. You should start your application process at least 6 months in advance. 

There are three main concerns Brenda Hales, IRS, addressed today. 

  1. Service contracts expiring for AAs and CAAs will be electronically filed when the moratorium ends. This will reduce the 120 days or more for processing to just a few weeks. The IRS is building a more efficient electronic process for submitting Form 13551 applications. The same requirements are still in place as filing a paper application. 

  2. There will be no paper filings, and all fingerprints will be electronically submitted along with the electronic 13551 application. The forensic training and IRS training will remain the same. 

  3. The IRS ITIN program was funded to create this streamlined electronic application process for Form 13551. Responsible parties are still required to send in their information, and applications must be signed with a pen. Applicants for the 13551 are encouraged to submit in bulk. The IRS's new system will be able to handle the load. 


We, Latino Tax Pro, asked if the W-7 and the W-7 (COA) will also be allowed to file electronically. The IRS told us not at this time, but it is on the radar.

The IRS made it clear the ITIN program is very important and needs updating. They are updating the Form 13551 application and will work on the W-7 electronic filing system next. The challenge for the IRS is authenticating documents sent in with the W-7 (COA). 

The CERCA and IRS have tentatively scheduled a meeting for the first week of March 2023. Latino Tax Pro will be there to keep our members informed. 

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Carlos C. Lopez, EA 
CEO of Latino Tax Pro