It’s Not Just About Tax Prep, It’s About Office Workflow

Every successful tax practice knows that finding the right tax preparation software is just one piece of the puzzle. Improving workflow can be just as important to your bottom line, since finding the right processes and tools can make your office more efficient and, most importantly, profitable.

Deciding to streamline your office workflow is one thing, but knowing where to start is something else entirely. Luckily, Drake Software offers and supports a full range of products—from data entry to client communication.

Tax automation eliminates the manual side of tax prep

It’s no secret that organizing client paperwork and keying data is time consuming. Even when seasonal employees are brought in to deal with this aspect of tax prep, it still takes time—a commodity that’s in very short supply during filing season. That’s why tax offices around the country have started using tax automation services.

GruntWorx offers several Drake Tax-integrated services that eliminate the tedious, manual side of tax prep: GruntWorx Organize produces a bookmarked, searchable PDF of scanned client documents; GruntWorx Populate autofills tax return fields using scanned client documents; and GruntWorx Trades imports data from scanned consolidated brokerage statements.

Eliminating manual document organization and data entry can help offices save an hour or more per return, improving turnaround times and your bottom line. The GruntWorx-produced PDF files can also double as paperless deliverables for your clients.

Secure file transfer protects important documents

Unfortunately, data breaches can occur despite installing state-of-the-art security software and network firewalls. Cybercriminals know it’s much easier—and much faster—to trick someone into clicking a suspicious link or file in an email. Since exchanging sensitive files through email can be risky business, it’s a good idea for tax offices to find a different platform to get the job done.

SecureFilePro is Drake Software’s solution for securely sending and receiving files from clients. As a branded web portal, clients navigate to a Drake-provided, secure website featuring the tax office’s name and logo. Clients who prefer using their smart phones can send instant messages, remotely sign the return, and even remit payment for tax prep fees using the SecureFilePro Connect app.

In addition to facilitating secure file transfers, SecureFilePro provides Drake Documents-integrated, off-site data storage. Tax offices that suffer catastrophic data loss—whether due to hardware failure, malware, or some other cause—can be back up and running after restoring lost files from the cloud. That means you can recover actual tax return data and files stored by your clients and office.

Interested in improving your office workflow?

To learn more about improving your office workflow, catch the LTPA Facebook Live webinar and Q&A featuring Drake Software Sales and Systems Consultant Michael Jenkins on July 9, 2019.

Remember, it’s not just about tax prep, it’s about office workflow.