Latino Tax Pro and MyTAXPrepOffice Announce Strategic Partnership to Benefit Bank Product Preparers

Latino Tax Pro, the premier provider of online tax training in both English and Spanish, and Advanced Tax Solutions LLC, creators of MyTAXPrepOffice professional tax preparation software, today announced a partnership designed to assist tax preparers who want to easily add bank products to their service offerings.

With remote work playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, taxpayers can now choose their tax preparer based not only on location but also on the quality of service. Tax professionals recognize that they need to increase their service offerings to remain competitive. The Latino Tax Pro - MyTAXPrepOffice partnership combines convenient tax preparation training with the best in tax preparation technology to help tax preparers offer financial products easily through their software at an affordable price.

“The partnership is a powerful combination. MyTAXPrepOffice has been offering our clients discounted access to Latino Tax Pro’s unique e-book and online training system since June 2022 and the response has been phenomenal. We want to make sure that all Latino Tax Pro members can benefit from MyTAXPrepOffice’s suite of tools designed to make it easy to use the skills they’ve acquired to increase their business by using bank products,” said Squire Dahl, President of Advanced Tax Solutions LLC.

“At Latino Tax Fest last year, the recurring conversation we were having with attendees was how to grow their business and stay competitive with the big box preparers. First and foremost, it’s getting the best price for your software. Secondly, bank products are a quick and easy way to add revenue while giving their customers the option to pay tax preparation fees with their refund,” says Maurice Orr, Sales Manager for MyTAXPrepOffice. “Our bank product fees are low meaning the tax preparer can add money to their bottom line while still offering bank products at a fair price.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to the Latino tax preparation community, MyTAXPrepOffice has added bilingual support staff to answer questions in English or Spanish, the ability to print all available IRS forms in Spanish, and free product demonstrations with knowledgeable Spanish sales experts. By connecting MyTAXPrepOffice’s powerful tools with the training resources of Latino Tax Pro, the partnership hopes to deliver breakthrough results for tax preparers serving the Latino community.