RightWay Tax Solutions


RightWay Tax Solutions Mission:

The main focus of Rightway Tax Solutions (RWTS) is providing year around, bi-lingual, unparalleled, tax office support. In addition, they are committed to helping tax offices grow their bottom line. RWTS believes that tax offices are being taken advantage of with the year over year increasing costs of software and bank product pricing! RWTS primary commitment is to put more money in the bank account of the tax offices by offering lower priced bank products and rebate incentives. They do business the RightWay and invite you to ask their existing affiliates if you have any doubts.

Who They Are:

RightWay was founded by Brian Wilson, Jeremy Duncan and Mark Thomas in July of 2013

Jeremy Duncan is married with 2 children, is the worship leader of a local Christian church and also lives in Northern California. He has a Business Administration degree from California State University Stanislaus. Over the past 10 years Jeremy has become an industry leader who is always "in the know" when it comes to industry trends. He also worked for a major software company and was the top producer most of the 10 years in his role.

Mark Thomas is married with 1 child, 1 on the way and he also lives in Northern California. Mark has a Masters Degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. Mark also worked for the same tax software company for 3 years in the marketing department before transferring to the sales department for 2 years.


Brian Wilson is married with 6 children and Lives in Northern California. He has a long list of successful business' that he has started from auto wholesaling / retail to mortgage broker, commercial developer and several others along the way. He entered into the tax industry in 2007 with a major software company and quickly became a top producer and leader in the sales department.

RightWay's Business Model:

 RightWay's focus is building the best support team the industry. Rightway has adopted the "buying in bulk" and "share the wealth" mentality. Because they buy software for so many tax offices, they buy for less and pass those savings on to tax offices and service bureaus. They even give the software away for free in many cases. They don't charge any "junk" fees because they receive revenue share from the software company and the banks for their volume. For high volume offices or groups, they share those rebates. This year they should complete close to 150,000 tax returns as a group and we are certain this number will continue to grow. We believe in them and believe they have and will continue to live up to their name!