Still Have Returns? GruntWorx Can Help.


Nothing feels better than settling in for a nice, long summer vacation after a grueling filing season. In any other year, we’d be here reminding you that GruntWorx tax automation is the perfect tool for addressing the rest of your extension, so you finally relax. It goes without saying that 2020 has been anything but “normal.”

Are clients waiting until the July 15 deadline to send their tax documents? Maybe logistical issues have thrown a wrench in your workflow. Whatever challenge you’re facing, GruntWorx products like Organize LITE, Organize, Populate, and Trades can take the pressure off. 

What if I don’t have my usual seasonal staff?

Use GruntWorx Populate and Trades to extract tax data from federal forms and import it into most tax software packages. For years, tax automation has saved accountants from having to manually key returns, and in 2020 you can use GruntWorx to finish all your returns before the July 15 deadline.

What if I’ve finished filing client returns but need to finish the paperwork?

Use GruntWorx Organize and Organize LITE to quickly organize scanned client documents as a bookmarked, searchable PDF that you can use for future reference or give to clients for their records. While Organize is validated by trained GruntWorx staff, Organize LITE provides your files within minutes. So, you can choose the solution that works best for your situation.

What if I have to work remotely?

If you have access to your tax software, you can use GruntWorx from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Drake users can access GruntWorx from within Drake Tax, and other users simply log into the secure GruntWorx web portal.

What do I need to use GruntWorx?

All you need to use GruntWorx products is professional tax software and a 300-dpi-capable scanner. If you—like many accountants—receive all tax documents digitally, the scanner isn’t required. That said, using a secure portal can help you avoid the risks posed by exchanging sensitive financial information over email.   

How do I learn more about GruntWorx tax automation?

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