Transform your practice with Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

Enhance client service and expand revenue opportunities with tax research technology


As a tax professional, ensuring you comply with each new legislative change is crucial, but it’s just one piece of the potential value you offer your clients. Taking full advantage of a tax research solution – like Thomson Reuters Checkpoint – not only enables you to move quickly and accurately in the facing of changing regulations but enables you to open up a whole new world of revenue opportunities.


This past tax season, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) resulted in over 500 major code changes and almost 3,000 pages of new regulations. This left many tax professionals feeling like they were too busy trying to keep their head above water to focus on anything else. However, forward-thinking firms that fully embraced Checkpoint were one step ahead. With fast, accurate, and trusted answers, these firms exceeded client expectations and freed up valuable time to focus on revenue-generating opportunities.


Here’s a look at how Checkpoint can transform your firm and position it for long-term success.


  1. Access to in-context, expert answers (i.e., no more Googling)

When it comes to answering questions that arise during the preparation or review of tax returns, perhaps the most frustrating aspect is searching. Manually searching for information not only disrupts your workflow, but it also takes up time. From searching through each tax authority’s website or analyzing the credibility of your Google results, time is unnecessarily being spent searching for answers.


Checkpoint provides trusted, in-context answers to alleviate these challenges. You can link out directly from your tax software input and forms screens to line-by-line explanations with real-life examples and worksheets without disrupting your workflow and eliminating the need to manually search for information. With authoritative, clear and comprehensive guidance from our leading industry experts, you won’t have to wonder if your Google results are accurate.


Plus, Checkpoint allows you to move quickly with intelligent search capabilities and fast navigation options that take you right to the answers you need, whether you’re doing a quick look-up or highly specialized research. Our search functionality is designed specifically for the specialized needs of tax and accounting professionals, enabling you to instantly filter, rank and deliver search results with accuracy and relevance.


  1. Enhance client service through education

When it comes to serving clients, Checkpoint enables you to do more than just answer questions. You’ll be able to educate your clients with insight that provides a well-rounded understanding of the issue, including practical guidance and real-life examples, as well as expert viewpoints on developing areas of the law.


With the powerful combination of Checkpoint’s insight and your personal experience, you’ll also be able to anticipate the needs of clients and exceed their expectations by communicating what the latest tax developments mean. Checkpoint provides analysis so you can gauge how various industry experts view an issue from a range of vantage points, such as tax, assurance and financial reporting.


Use Checkpoint to go beyond the headlines and provide proactive guidance on what action your clients should take, even before they come to you with inquiries. 


  1. Increase revenue opportunities

With so much emphasis on compliance, it can be a challenge to find the time to recognize and capture new opportunities. Checkpoint gives you the ability to make confident decisions quickly and frees up the time you need to go beyond compliance.


With the right tools and resources, your firm can provide competitive tax planning and advisory services that secure your clients for the long term. This proactive growth strategy is supported by tools like Checkpoint and help your firm get out of the constrained cycle that comes with focusing solely on compliance. With the power of research technology, you can better develop both your in-house expertise and practical know-how.


Remember: Your current clients are the best sources of growth. Checkpoint can help you expand on your existing planning and advisory services to grow both your practice and customer satisfaction.


With Checkpoint planning and advisory services, you can use current client information to prompt new ideas for ways you can help with their future tax planning. It can also help you learn new ways to generate value for clients at every stage of the business life cycle and get clarity on complicated issues that often fall into the “grey areas” of tax law.


By expanding your services in this way, you can become a one-stop-shop advisor for your clients—and that’s a strategy that will guarantee success for your firm now and in the future.


For more tips on making research more efficient and how Checkpoint can help improve your bottom line, attend the upcoming Checkpoint webinar.